What drives us at Will-Fill

Will-Fill equips metalworking machines with a unique add-on that relieves operator workload and reduces the ecological footprint of production. The fully automatic control unit monitors coolant quality. The optimum fluid level is maintained by automated filling processes linked to electronic measurements set according to each specific need. When the quality of the metalworking fluid changes, Will-Fill can adjust it or send a notification when action is needed.



Industry 4.0 Jobs


At many precision mechanical workshops, the emphasis is on the production process, which means that checking the emulsion is given a lower priority. And it is precisely here where things go wrong. Unmanned production becomes impossible because the emulsion level drops over time. Tools do not achieve their maximum useful life due to wrong concentrations. Product deviations occur after excessively large refills with cold emulsion. After a weekend dormant, the emulsion gives off unpleasant odours…
Will-Fill was developed in a small machine shop with good insights into the field of automation and task registration. This made the lack of a reliable emulsion control device very clear. Thus Will-Fill was primarily created out of necessity.


Will-Fill was developed by a team of engineers-entrepreneurs, with each team member carrying great responsibility within his or her domain. Are you eager to learn, able to persevere and want to make a difference?
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Industry 4.0

Smart factories, some even speak of a fourth industrial revolution. In the factories of the future, routine tasks will be taken over by smart automation, so that the creative (and the most pleasant!) tasks can be fully carried out by people. How is Will-Fill contributing to this? The device was developed to handle four routines: filling, measuring, reporting and conditioning. Thus Will-Fill takes over these repetitive tasks from an organisation’s  employees


At Will-Fill, the story does not stop at the factory gate. Because Will-Fill is equipped with machine-to-machine technology, the service can be brought to a higher level. Information from recurring status checks and necessary interventions make possible the generation of measurement reports that are easily accessible to the customer or other relevant party. This then translates into firmware updates that make the measurements even better and offer the customer more functions.

Frequently asked questions

Will-Fill must be as long or longer than the pump with the shortest substructure length in the metalworking fluid reservoir.
1. At your installation’s normal refilling point 2. Close to the level meter that indicates when you machine has no more emulsion. 3. Where the emulsion returns to the production process. A correct Will-Fill installation point meets 2 of the 3 listed criteria.
Yes, Will-Fill has a start-up wizard that guides you through the most important questions.
No, Will-Fill can be installed with a low fluid level.
No, parameters such as water pressure, intake length, temperature and viscosity can significantly influence the required mixture. As a result, Will-Fill has no mechanical connection between the input of the concentrate and the water inlet.
The intake sieve on the underside of the unit and the intake basket for the emulsion must be regularly cleaned. Other components indicate when maintenance is required.
The pH sensor needs to be adjusted regularly. The unit indicates when such action is needed and has a small wizard to guide you.
Will-fill gives you a visual indication so that a quick conclusion concerning the operation can be made.
lthough Will-Fill uses no mechanical connection between the input of the concentrate and the water inlet, the device needs water pressure to ensure its autonomous operation.
No, Will-Fill is able to draw the concentrate itself.
No, Will-Fill is programmed with a PID controller so that it is able to regulate and adjust itself at all times.
No, intake lengths vary, emulsion volumes change due to residual particles, viscosity changes due to temperature,…
You can have Will-Fill send a message when the container is almost empty. Will-Fill will also send an alarm if there is not enough emulsion available for a refill.
Yes, but this always needs to be examined in detail.
If emulsion is used in the process, Will-Fill can be used.
Will-fill has a mechanical mixing unit that ensures that the fluids added (water and/or emulsion concentrate) are always mixed with the emulsion already present.
Yes, Will-Fill engineers can program the desired interfaces.