Wimmer CNC

Pochendorf 18/1
4550 Kremsmünster

Wimmer CNC is a trading company in central Austria for CNC machines and their accessories. As a professional in the metal industry for many years, I want to increase your overall efficiency by integrating high-quality equipment into your process.

I have been a proud distributor of Will-Fill since 2023 - with its premium solution I offer my customers reliable automated coolant management.

Will-Fill is a patented and highly innovative solution that equips metal processing machines with a unique add-on. It monitors and reports on the coolant as it is filled and refilled. Will-Fill thus relieves the operator and reduces the ecological footprint of your production. Operating costs are reduced and the effectiveness of your investments is increased.

Wimmer CNC is your one-stop shop for sales, service and installation of will-fill equipment.