The unique add-on that relieves your workload

Will-Fill simplifies tasks. Periodic tasks such as measuring, filling or refilling, reporting and conditioning are taken over by Will-Fill. Because the components are linked to a high-performance control unit, Will-Fill is able to regulate and adjust the fluid level and the fluid condition automatically. Or alert you when necessary.


Will-Fill’s core tasks are measurement, analysis, filling, reporting, conditioning, and data collection. By linking fully automatic measurements to autonomous refilling, Will-Fill accurately maintains the emulsion level according to your set preferences. It takes over manual routine tasks, releasing you and your colleagues to perform the more creative (and fun!) tasks. Unmanned work becomes even easier, and you can re-focus on optimizing your production process.

Depending on your chosen configuration, Will-Fill can measure up to 12 values. These range from the obvious process parameters such as the level and concentration of the metalworking fluid, to water pressure detection and dosing pump speed. As measurements always take place in the same way in the process, the chance of making an incorrect measurement is reduced to zero. Measurements have never been more reliable!

Will-Fill’s firmware interprets all the data from the built-in and connected sensors to ensure that every operation in every situation is carried out perfectly. When necessary, Will-Fill sends an e-mail notification, performs a filling, aborts or delays a refilling, or adjusts a PID control.

When the analysis shows that metalworking fluid has been consumed and/or that its composition has changed, Will-Fill autonomously performs a filling with the perfectly correct oil/water ratio required to maintain the specified concentration.

Will-Fill works completely autonomously. Manual actions regarding emulsion management are reduced to the absolute minimum. When Will-Fill needs a manual action, you will be notified via a flashing color LED, buzzer, or e-mail.

Will-Fill will condition your emulsion. Thanks to its construction it is able to periodically re-mix and aerate emulsion. The newly introduced emulsion oil and the new water are always mechanically mixed with the existing emulsion. This ensures a homogeneous emulsion, and makes it possible to add emulsion types that are difficult to mix perfectly.

Will-Fill logs all process data, so the full history of the process on which Will-Fill is installed becomes visible. Consumption can be checked over time and all measurements consulted. This is ideal for process analysis and quality control. The process data can be sent to the Will-Fill dashboard. Or you can consult the data locally.



  • Because of the micro fills that Will-Fill manages, fluctuations of your specified emulsion composition are limited to a negligible 0.3%. or 0.6%
  • Furthermore, these precise fillings ensure a limited temperature fluctuation. This prevents dimensional deviation when adding new, cold emulsion. Tools always reach their set position, and the whole process is more stable.
  • Thanks to its fully automatic operation, Will-Fill monitors the connected process, recording consumption and process data. This is ideal for process analysis and reporting for certification (no more deficient lists of measured values).
  • Will-Fill learns what is the normal process, and so can detect changes in consumption or composition of the metalworking fluid. Will-Fill automatically makes corrections according to the composition and volume you have specified during setup. No more manual measuring, filling, checking and refilling.
  • Will-Fill detects any abnormal process operation and gives an alert. So, you never have to worry about flooding, soil contamination or waste.
  • Will-Fill informs you well in advance that the connected volume emulsion concentrate has been consumed. You’ll never be caught without emulsion in your reservoir!
  • In addition, Will-Fill can be equipped with sensors that record the health and aging of your emulsion. This allows for better planning of preventive maintenance and avoids unexpected production stoppages.


Plug and Play

Will-Fill can easily be integrated with an existing or new installation. Will-Fill can be started up in an empty or semi-full metalworking fluid container. A round 140-mm opening is sufficient. The Will-Fill upperstructure takes up little space – 200 x 200 x 500 mm (LWH) – making it easy to fit. There is also a wizard that accompanies start-up of the device so that no settings are forgotten, ensuring perfect operation.

Easy 6 step installation

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