Metalworking fluid contaminated

Also bothered by bad odours? Or by skin rashes?

Your metalworking fluid reservoir is an industrial aquarium that requires constant adjustment and conditioning, as opposed to just periodic care.

Micro organisms

The growth of micro-organisms in metalworking fluids is a widely occurring phenomenon. And a direct, and noticeable, result of this is unpleasant odours. But blockages, a reduction in production quality and corrosion are also problems which can result in bad odours or skin rashes. 

To eliminate this problem, it is important to understand how the growth of micro-organisms occurs. Process contamination due to slideway oil is the biggest culprit here. In comparison to other types of contamination, slideway oil only mixes with your metalworking fluid to a limited extent, making it difficult to detect. But, once the process comes to a standstill, the results are immediately visible. When your installation is stopped, slideway oil quickly floats to the surface. This results in the formation of an anaerobic environment at the interface between the slideway oil and the metalworking fluid where certain anaerobic micro-organisms can thrive. 

Preventing the growth of micro organisms

To prevent this problem, it is important to catch the slideway oil before it ends up in the metalworking fluid. Since, in many cases, this is structurally difficult or nearly impossible to achieve, it is important to remove this slideway oil by way of skimming. Practical experience has taught us that skimming can work, but, in practice, the contribution of skimming to the destruction of the anaerobic environment is limited. It is better to aerate your metalworking fluid and to allow it to continuously circulate, a process which significantly reduces the anaerobic environment. This results in complete, or nearly complete, disruption of microbial growth.

Will-Fill prevents the growth of micro organisms

As a result of Will-Fill’s patented design, your metalworking fluid is circulated and aerated even during process standstills. This means that you never again end up with microbial accumulation and its accompanying odours. Of course, this also significantly extends the service life of your metalworking fluid.

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