Makino is well-known for their machines that are used in critical applications. Just like Will-Fill they’ve noticed that the industry is changing rapidly, and being able to adapt is key. Because of travel restrictions and safety concerns It might not be an ideal time to invite interested parties to come visit their showroom. So they’ve decided to bring their showroom to you. Through their website you can virtually walk around their showroom and even follow webinars. There is no registration required and it is well thought out and easy to use.

Because around 85% of all emulsion issues can be traced back to human errors, Makino instantly saw that Will-Fill could solve or prevent a lot of errors regarding coolant performance. So they’ve now added one of our devices to a machine in their showroom, they’ve opted for a Will-Fill ION SD220 which is one of our most advanced devices. If you go on a virtual tour of the aerospace and parts showroom you can see our device installed on a a500Z. There’s a green dot at the back of the machine that will highlight our device

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